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Herbal Tea Workshop

Come and join me for a cosy, ‘tea-licious’ evening out! 

I will be sharing my knowledge about the benefits of 

a variety of herbal teas. 

How to use them as your own home remedies for you 

and your family.

All the teas will be brewed on the evening ready for tasting!

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Intuitively You Drawing Workshop

The best gift you can give yourself is ‘self-care’.

In this workshop we are going to re-connect with ourselves through drawing, less thinking. (no artistic skills required)

I will take you on a relaxingly creative journey that will help you unlock the doors to your true self, so that you can feel in tune again.

Take the journey and nourish yourself!

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Thought of the week

Perfectly imperfect

I must admit that I am quite a perfectionist and one of the hardest judges for myself. 

I am always finding areas of myself that I can improve on

 and at times focussing in a bit too much on my weaknesses rather than my strengths. 

The longing for perfection seems to be so ingrained in me, whether I like it or not. 

However it doesn't make my journey here on Earth like a nice walk in the park...

I often lack the understanding as to why I can't just be perfect at it all, although I try so hard and do put a lot of effort in. 

And at times that does take it's toll emotionally and every now and then I feel discouraged, deflated and disappointed in myself.

Nevertheless, the other night, whilst getting ready for bed, a thought just struck me. And it went like this...

If my soul/spirit is part of the one energy, the universe, the energy that is perfect in itself. 

Then regardless, whenever my Earthly journey would finish, I would become perfect again.

So my imperfection is bound to my journey here on Earth, and so it is just 'temporary'. 

And just like any other temporary things, they too shall pass.

This train of thought was so comforting for me, at last I understood that it is actually ok to be imperfect. 

And finally I will be able to allow myself to be imperfect and

 allow myself to take the time to get comfortable with all my imperfections and not feel bad about them.

As I now acknowledge and know that whenever my time might come, I will become perfect again.

And in the mean time I can just enjoy my imperfect time here on this Earthly plane for however long that might be.

Perfectly imperfect!

PS The photo above I took as I stood in my kitchen, looking out of the window, 

enjoying the sunlight shining through the glass, staring at the trees and just catching my thoughts. 

I then saw my own reflection in the window and gave it a 'shot' 

and the photo turned out just magical. 

"I am Nature and Nature is me". 

Half my face within the trees,

 perfectly imperfect.

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