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I help people reconnect with their true self, restore their life balance. Simply back to basics.

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Intuitive Drawing Workshops


This workshop is about taking time for yourself, self-care, me-time, relaxing, letting go, and reconnecting. Letting your intuition take over and steer the way your colour pencils will go. Opening the communication with your inner self. The aim is for you to feel a lot more rejuvenated and nourished when you leave. The focus is on the journey.  

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New Year's Thought

Colourful Future Ahead


Happy New Year To All of You!

My wish for you this year, is this:
Calmness in the peak of craziness
A moment to reflect on the year gone by
More self-care in this New Year
Plenty of ‘me-time’ to recharge your soul
Fun and laughter to ignite your inner child
Sunlight to warm your skin
And most of all
Lots of inner peace
Because the world starts with you ❤️ 

I have just come back from a road trip with my little family.

And on that trip I found some (rare) quiet moments that gave me

the opportunity to catch my thoughts and ponder a bit...

Whilst walking on the beach, I pondered about my past (experiences), growing up in Belgium, 

working and travelling throughout Thailand, doing the same in South Africa.

Then moving to Australia, leaving European life behind... 

Being pregnant with my boys and going through those processes of life.

And then I wondered whether it all actually happened?...Was that all real?...

Like real, real?... And where did it all go?...

It feels so long ago, so far away that it almost feels like those events never really happened at all.

Then it dawned on me, maybe I am 'finally' Iearning to live in the 'NOW', 

learning to loosen my grip on the past

and maybe it is ok for the past to be where it is, far away and practically gone, 

nothing more than a memory in inner space.

I am happy with that, I am making progress 

and therefore the future looks bright and colourful, 

just like this gorgeous flower above!

After lots of ground work last year, I am happy to announce 

that I am collaborating with a few different organisations in 2019 

such as the Macquarie Community College and Excentric Events

for both my Intuitive Drawing Workshops as also my Herbal Tea Workshops. 

Do have a look at the Workshops/Bookings section or see below. 

Happy and exciting times are ahead!

Upcoming Workshops

At Nature's Way of Life we help people reconnect with their true self, to find their life balance again. Back to basics. We believe that everyone has it in them to be the best version of themselves.

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