I help people reconnect with their true self, restore their life balance. Simply back to basics.

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This workshop is about taking time for yourself, self-care, me-time, relaxing, letting go, and reconnecting. Letting your intuition take over and steer the way your colour pencils will go. Opening the communication with your inner self. The aim is for you to feel a lot more rejuvenated and nourished when you leave. The focus is on the journey.  

Impressions of Life

Me growing into myself


I can't believe the year is almost coming to a close again.

I know I am a bit early, however, before we know it, it will be there.

The photo above was taken at a Primal Womens retreat I took part in, 

this happened in Bali under the guidance of Shaman Deb Macintyre.

What an experience that was!

Highly recommend it.

And yes coaches, need coaching too.

I was reunited with my long lost inner child.

Went through a sea of emotions,

shamanic journeys together with my ancestors, primal dances, 

laughing yoga and lots more.

I was loved and supported by 15 beautiful women 

who formed an extraordinary sisterhood around me. 

Who loved me without judgement.

A very special time for me and

an immensely remarkable start to a magical journey for myself.

And the more I find myself, the more I care for myself, 

the more I love myself, the more I can give to others in return.

We can't give from an empty cup, right?!

Growing into me with every small step I take.

At Nature's Way of Life we help people reconnect with their true self, to find their life balance again. Back to basics. We believe that everyone has it in them to be the best version of themselves.

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