When to come and see me

When all else has failed to make you better

I often see people that have walked along all avenues of the 'alopathic' or mainstream medical world and have found no clear answers or solutions as to what is causing their 'dis-ease'.

When you want to heal naturally

Nature has intended to provide us with all we need to heal ourselves. Be it with natural remedies or needing guidance to find those keys within that will open the doors to your own healing potential.

When mind matters, matter too much

Anxiety and depression are very much part of our overly busy lives. I have personally walked both paths and am here to help with the life experience I have because of them.


Unwind & Relax


Relax and breathe, take time for yourself. 

Let's talk.

Safe to be yourself


Enter your little cocoon, deep within, a space of comfort and safety. 

It is safe to be yourself and let go.



Your happy life is waiting. 

Everyone deserves to spread their wings!


My consultations are unique and absolutely tailored to my individual clients. 

As mentioned above, first things first. The step that you will make is an important one, you will allow yourself 'me-time' with a consultation, grant yourself to look deeper and find yourself again, time to relax and breathe. Let's talk.

I usually start with a 'getting to know' session, which could sometimes take up to 2 hours. The reason for this is that I like to get to know you as well as possible by having a relaxed chat with you and asking you different kind of meaningful questions, so that I am able to see you on different levels, holistically, the whole of you. This will allow me to connect with you more easily so that I can facilitate the most suitable coaching for you. 

It is important to me that you feel comfortable and know that during the consultation you can, as it were, enter your little cocoon, a place where you feel safe to let yourself be you.

I believe that all the things in our lives are connected, so is the same for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of us. All is linked and that's why I want to be able to see the whole of you, so that I can connect the dots, allow you to become aware of them, hence help you integrate all the parts again.

Transformation is a wonderful thing, you will feel it in all that you are and will be. It resonates way beyond you, you will find that your family and environment will be positively influenced in turn. However allow yourself the time to transform.

As they say "Nothing in nature blooms all year. Be patient with yourself. Deep in their roots all flowers store the light". You will bloom when your time is right.

Everyone is YOUnique and therefore I don't necessarily work with a standard set of methods and techniques. I incorporate a lot of different methods, techniques, information and coaching in my consultations. I will present you with what I think is the most appropriate and effective for you holistically.

At the moment I can be flexible in the physical location of the consultations held, i.e. I can facilitate sessions in a place where you feel most comfortable as long as I deem it to be a location that will result in a valuable consultation for yourself. I am also a fond promoter of having sessions in a park as the healthy, positive energy of trees can only be a bonus to your consultation!

Please send me a message below or give me a call to schedule in a private consultation.

I am very much looking forward to getting to know you.

Let's talk.

Contact Annelies

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Nature's Way of Life

4 Cedar Place, Ermington, NSW 2115, Australia

0415 448 034

Hours & Consultation rate

By appointment - Call me and we'll schedule your visit.

First consultation: flat rate of $140 as it may take up to 2hrs. (Concessions are available)

Hourly rate is $120 thereafter. (Concessions are available)

For a 'Session in the Park': the hourly rate is $80 per hour. (Concessions are available)  (weather permitting)