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Back to Basics

The workshops and info nights that I run, are meant to be food for your soul.

I am very passionate about sharing information and educating

 or just 'reminding' people about natural remedies. 

Usually many of us have the knowledge deep within, but we need 're-membering',

 coming back to the source that links us all, 'member' oneself again. 

Am sure most of us know the little 'fixes' grandma or grandpa used to use for certain ailments, 

the things they might have just picked fresh from their own garden.

I would love to share those with you and awaken the knowledge within you 

so that you can start using them in your daily lives again and incorporate them in the lives of your families as well.

I also wish to re-instate your trust and belief in Mother Nature, 

just like most of humanity has trusted so in the last thousands of years.

Majority of my workshops will be filled with simple,

 practical information about many natural products/remedies that you will able to test, explore and discuss.

In the Intuitively You Workshop on the other hand, I would like to share with you some simple ways 

of getting back in touch with yourself, ways of re-connecting with oneself. 

Creating that opportunity for you to be able to let your emotions be expressed 

in a very fun, light and creative way.

 It is a very simple, back to basics kind of  way to emotional express oneself without the need of any kind of therapy session!


No drawing skills required.

More specific details per event in the Calendar above.

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