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Nature's Magic


In this section I am sharing with you the things that fill my world. Anything Nature's Magic!

My Moth Story

How it all began...


In May 2014 I got a visit from a gorgeous Green Blotched Moth, it sat on my backdoor and I was too late to grab my camera to capture it on photo. However I looked it up somehow on the internet and found a picture! What a beautiful moth with those green spots and the silver lining around every spot!

That moth was a big sign for me to transform and finally follow my inner passion. The passion that I had been practising 'undercover' for years already but never endeavoured to pursue professionally.

So I started with my Nature's Magic Board, an old white board that I would hang on my back fence and whereupon I would write and share any knowledge I have. I put it up on my back fence as we live on a reserve, many people take their daily walks there and started to enjoy reading my messages.

And this is how the Universe works, when you follow your passion regardless of the fears and doubts you might have, you will be rewarded for it! And so it came to be that a pharmacy group offered me the opportunity to work with them as a Naturopath Assistant as they identified and believed that my passion and knowledge was far more valuable than the actual Naturopath degree.

I was so happy and could not believe how lucky I was to have been given this opportunity! I think the hardest part for me was to start believing in myself fully. Although I had been advising people on natural remedies for years, mostly work colleagues during my time in admin positions, I found it a bit scary, this was now the real deal. It was my actual job to advise and help people. And I take my jobs and responsibilities very seriously.

And I did it, bit by bit, step by step, I advised the pharmacy customers on natural remedies and most of it was educating them as obviously they were coming in to get the mainstream pharmaceutical medications. I replicated my 'Nature's Magic Board' at work and customers enjoyed reading it. I helped a fair few customers whom to this day still walk up to me to tell me they are still doing as I had advised then with much success! 

You will when you believe.

And whenever the belief in myself plunges a bit, being a busy mum to two boys, I get a visit of my moth friends, just to remind me to keep transforming, to keep focussing on the light, as they do, not to lose focus of my passion, my purpose in life.

What would you do if you didn't fear?

The answer most likely is; " I would do anything I have ever dreamt of doing."

Well then, just GO FOR IT, give yourself permission to live the life you were born to live!

Nature's Magic Recipe


Carrot Soup for Head Colds

Winter is coming and so are the head colds.

Here is my simple recipe for a delicious soup that will make you get rid of mucous.

During my time working in a pharmacy I often got clients with a cough wanting to buy cough medicine, but after some questions, we would establish that they actually had lots of mucous dripping down from the nose into the throat  (nasal dripping) and that would have to be coughed up again. So the nose mucous was the problem and not the cough as such.

Therefore I would give them my magical carrot soup recipe and tell them to go home, make the soup and have it to heal themselves! And many did!


To make a big pot of soup that you will keep in the fridge so that you could have about 3-4 cups of soup per day for about 2-3 days.

5-6 carrots peeled

1 big onion cut up

3-4 cloves of garlic crushed

stock (any stock you like, but not too much as salt does thicken mucous)


optional: ginger cut finely


Fill a cooking pot with water (however much you want whether you like a runny or thicker soup)

Add your stock cube/powder or liquid

Cut up all the carrots and onion

Put the veggies in the pot

Crush the garlic in the soup

Optional: add chopped ginger

Let it boil for a good 30 mins

Once nicely cooked, blend in a blender and ready to eat!

A cup of this soup with every meal, 3-4 times a day for 2-3days.

Enjoy Nature's Magic!

The Magic Behind it

Carrots contain all the vitamins from Vit A to Vit K, that is a lot of vitamins in one go and in one super-duper king/queen of vegetables! 

Carrots and onions both are mucous dissolvers, they have the ability to break down the mucous so that it is easier to eliminate from your body whilst also having healing properties.

Garlic is Nature's anti-biotic, good for anything! During winter garlic supplements or fresh home-made garlic bread with your meal is highly recommended to keep your immune system strong!

And if you opt to add the ginger as well, ginger is highly anti-inflammatory, keeps all the possible inflammations at bay and makes sure your metabolism keeps up a good circulation as well.

Your Life's Purpose


I am happy to have found mine. 

What is yours?